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Time Out New York Kids named us one of “Five EXTRA Cool Camps” in their 2013 Summer Camp Guide.

Named one of NYC’s top ten new summer camps, 2012, by Mommy Poppins:

Time Out New York Kids recommends us in a list of last minute summer camps:

A-List Mom Travel says we’re “the perfect way to get kids out of the house and encourage them to chronicle all their adventures.”

Macaroni Kid review:


I asked the children if they wanted to go to a birthday party next Sunday. Henry said no, he wanted to go to NYC Is My Backyard. Then he said, “Or I just wish I was a kid my whole life so I could do NYC Is My Backyard my whole life.”Eve, mother of a Kindergartner and 1st grader

Liam loved his week in Central Park and loves showing all the family his NYC Is My Backyard album/book. The program was superbly organized and staffed.Naomi, mother of a 2nd grader

My daughter loved Betsy. She is so excited to show all her friends the book she made.  My three year old can’t wait until she is 5 so she can write a book at the museum.  And my husband couldn’t believe that the kids lasted so long at the AMNH!Lisa, mother of Kindergartner

The kids had an amazing time exploring the West Village and Chelsea with you. They couldn’t wait to get home and tell us about everything. The books are fantastic!Anna, mother of 2nd and 4th graders

I never knew Central Park this much before!Sam, 1st grader

Thanks for the books. They are awesome and the kids are obsessed with them!Jessica, mother of 1st and 4th graders

(At the Carousel in Central Park, right after listening to information about the handmade horses) “Let’s pretend I’m the teacher. I’m going to teach you about the Carousel. Listen kids, all the horsies are different!!Sienna, Kindergartner

Seeing special spots in Central Park is not something that you get to do everyday. The writing went perfectly with the activities.Lucy, 4th grader

Lucy loved her adventure in Central Park this summer. What a brilliant idea and she can’t wait to do another one next year!!!Melie, grandmother of Lucy, age 5

It was a really awesome adventure because I learned so many things about Central Park I never knew before.Wylie, age 9

At first I was worried about the writing and taking pictures but it was actually really fun.Oscar, age 7